White Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Exotic White Bamboo Flooring

In the last few years, the practicality of bamboo flooring – specifically white bamboo flooring – has generated a lot of buzz in the construction and interior design industry. Before, the line was pretty obvious between hardwood floors if you wanted a black or stained look or marble, or linoleum tiles if you wanted a more elegant whitish shade. Today, you can now do either with bamboo flooring at reduced cost and improved quality; hence the buzz and rage about this new alternative material.

The secret behind bamboo’s success is intrinsic to the material and the manufacturing method.

Bamboo grows faster than any hardwood material construction; hence it can easily be replenished at any time. For this reason, growing bamboo is cheaper than growing wood. This means that prices are significantly lower, not to mention not having to cut trees in support of the eco-movement for a greener Earth.

The manufacturing method behind bamboo flooring allows it to form an extremely durable but also flexible material. Strands of bamboo are bonded together via heat and pressure. Because many strands compose one bamboo tile, it makes it more versatile than one piece hardwood or marble. Conversely, the heat and pressure ensures that it can match the performance of hardwood flooring in terms of resistance to common destructive elements as well as ease of maintenance and the shine of the finished product.

From here, white bamboo flooring is made by staining or bleaching the finished bamboo tile. This is no difference than when making bamboo flooring in any other color. For example, it is actually a common practice to stain bamboo flooring tiles so they look like oak floors. In many cases, guests do not even spot the difference! With white bamboo flooring, guests also think that it’s a linoleum tile or a slate or marble floor that is cleverly installed to remove the creases. In truth, it’s simply white bamboo flooring. This added versatility ensures that you get very high quality interior designs without having to spend too much on the material.

The cost of typical white bamboo flooring is roughly from $2-$4 per square foot. In contrast, hardwood floors can set you back $10-$15 per square foot while marble floors are even more expensive. If you are looking to maximize the look of your house without having to break the bank, then white bamboo flooring can be an elegant and affordable alternative without looking cheap.

So the next time you think of what flooring material to use, remember the benefits of white bamboo flooring.

· It is cheap and affordable.
· It lasts just as long as typical hardwood materials.
· It is easy to install and easier to maintain.
· It is eco-friendly.
· You can stain it in various colors depending on your interior design theme.

You have a virtual laundry list of benefits and savings with white bamboo flooring while still ending up with a look that you can be proud of. Consider switching to white bamboo flooring in your next renovation schedule and enjoy luxury without paying the price.