Strand Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Strand Bamboo Flooring for Quality and Beauty

All around the world, many people have started to search for hardwood flooring options that are environmental friendly and have a pleasing aesthetic value. Hardwood flooring options such as cherry and oak are losing favor with the general public as they are not readily available and more often hurt the environment when harvested. These hardwood trees take as much as 25-30 years before they can be profitably harvested. Thus, there is a need for quality hardwood flooring options whose material is readily available. Strand bamboo flooring is one very pleasing alternative.

Bamboo flooring options have greatly risen in demand due to their low cost, pleasing aesthetic value, and lasting durability. When considering bamboo flooring, one normally has two options: regular bamboo flooring and strand bamboo flooring.

Strand bamboo flooring is quickly becoming the most popular bamboo flooring option. Strand bamboo flooring is actually a modified version of regular bamboo flooring. The strand options differ from the latter in that it is much denser due to its unique manufacturing process. Shoots from well-aged bamboo plants are harvested and dried through a steaming/boiling process. This helps to remove any moisture within the shoots. Afterwards, the shoots are compressed with a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) adhesive. The result is a high density bamboo flooring option commonly referred to as the strand bamboo flooring option.

Some people may disagree on the durability of strand bamboo flooring due to the fact that bamboo is not a hardwood. However, while the main raw material is a grass, the unique manufacturing process described above gives it excellent hardness and durability. In fact, tests on strand bamboo flooring have found the flooring option to have the same strength-to-weight ratio as steel. This means that the floor can be used in areas with high traffic without any worry of any damage to the floor.

Strand bamboo flooring also has an advantage over other flooring options in terms of how it is installed. The floating floor mechanism makes it so much easier for a home owner to lay the floor without any need for a contractor’s services. Previously, one had to hire contractors to nail and staple the floor. However, with the strand bamboo flooring option, this is no longer necessary. The floating floor design is a simple puzzle-like way of fitting the floor panels so as to lay out the whole floor plan in an easy manner.

As with any flooring option, care has to be taken with strand bamboo flooring so as to ensure that one gets the most from their floor. Caution has to be taken to keep dents and scratches from damaging the finish. Dents and scratches tend to ruin the floor’s aesthetic value and will need repair in time. Extensive damage from such dents and scratches must be dealt with by hiring a contractor to sand the floor.

As with other types of wood flooring one has to ensure that the inner environmental humidity is controlled. The humidity should never be lower than 30% or more than 60%. Bamboo floors just like any other are susceptible to swelling and cracking when overexposed to humid conditions. Owners also need to ensure they pick good mops and brooms to clean the floors. Some of the best are the micro fiber variety which clean well without scratching.

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