Engineered Bamboo Flooringing

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Engineered Bamboo Flooring

For homeowners or building contractors looking for an affordable, durable, and chic flooring material that fits any interior space, engineered bamboo flooring tiles are worth some serious consideration. Often, we think of bamboo as just some cheap material that is not suited for high-end applications such as those in corporate offices or stylish homes. The truth is that with the continued evolution of bamboo flooring manufacturing techniques, bamboo flooring tiles are fast becoming the material of choice in many construction projects around the world.

The concept of engineered bamboo flooring is possible because of the inherent versatility of the bamboo plant as a construction material. First, the bamboo strands are woven together in an array of patterns when making flooring tiles so the properties of each tile can be controlled depending on the weave used. Second, bamboo is naturally durable so it can be engineered for use in a variety of spaces such as the kitchen or the corporate office. Third, bamboo is receptive to most pigments so it can be colored to tailor any interior design concept. Last, the tiles can be custom-designed according to specifications so it is entirely possible to create a pattern that is unique to one’s requirements.

From here, it is not hard to imagine how contractors and clients from all around the world rely on engineered bamboo flooring for their needs.

Most clients actually commission engineered bamboo flooring using their own corporate colors. Without sacrificing the essential qualities of durability, versatility, and easy maintenance that have made bamboo flooring famous, clients can now have their indoor spaces decked with blue, brown, or red shades of flooring tiles to match their corporate identity.

Bamboo flooring tiles are also common in many different arrangements and designs as commissioned by homeowners. The traditional hardwood floor almost always comes in rectangular cuts limiting the arrangements that can be done within a room. Engineer bamboo flooring does not suffer from this limitation as it can be made to suit any space, and cut to form patterns that fit your style and design preferences.

Moreover, it is also important to note how engineered bamboo flooring carries definite advantages over other construction materials. First, it is affordable to most clients even when commissioned specifically for your own use. Most bamboo flooring tiles cost about $4 per tile versus the more extravagant cost per tile of the typical hardwood floors. Second, bamboo flooring is an excellent option because it is a green and eco-friendly material. Bamboo grows faster than hardwood so cutting it down for flooring does not lead to deforestation concerns. In other words, it saves out trees.

Consider engineered bamboo flooring for your next building project, whether in the office or at home. It’s a great material that offers a lot of potential uses at affordable cost. You will certainly find tremendous value by opting to use engineered bamboo flooring in your next construction project.