Eco Friendly Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Eco Friendly Flooring

Eco friendly flooring has gained popularity in the last few years and this increasing popularity has been fuelled by the green movement. However, being kind to the environment does not mean that you have to forego stylish and good looking décor in your home. In fact, this is very far from the truth. Eco friendly flooring comes in numerous varieties that are modern and appealing.

Eco friendly flooring must have a number of characteristics to be termed as being eco friendly. One characteristic is that the source of the flooring material must be renewable. The flooring should be non-toxic, long lasting and durable. Toxic substances called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are commonly found in sealants or glues used on non- eco friendly flooring. These substances cause health issues and are not included in eco friendly floors.

Perhaps the best option when it comes to eco friendly flooring is bamboo flooring. Bamboo, contrary to popular belief, is a grass and not wood. This grass grows very fast, and bamboo can be harvested from the same plant after 3 t0 5 years, several times (the plant is renewable).

Another advantage of bamboo that makes it a very good eco friendly flooring option is that it is strong and durable. Bamboo that is properly harvested and manufactured correctly is very durable and can be as hard or even harder than oak. If well taken care of, it can last and last. Its durability is enhanced because bamboo flooring can be refinished to give it a new look if and when it ever needs it.

Generally speaking, bamboo is easy to install, easy to maintain and keep clean.

There has been a concern that bamboo flooring may not be a very eco friendly flooring due to the fact that the adhesive used to glue the plans together during the manufacturing process may contain VOCs. These VOCs are released from the glue over time and are known to cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. They have also been linked to cancer.

While it is true that bamboo was previously glued using formaldehyde based resins, which do contain the VOCs, this is not commonly the case today. Reputable bamboo floor manufacturers now use formaldehyde free glues so to stay eco friendly it is important to purchase from these suppliers.

You can purchase eco friendly flooring online or at specialty stores in your neighborhood. The available bamboo flooring material comes in its natural light color or in darker shades achieved by the manufacturing process referred to as carbonization. This is the process during which the bamboo is subjected to heat and pressure which causes the natural sugars in the bamboo to darken. The longer this process lasts, the darker the resulting bamboo. Bamboo flooring can even come in an as an unfinished product so it can be stained to match anyone’s décor or preference.

To increase bamboo flooring choices, different manufacturing techniques are used such as stranded bamboo plank construction, engineered construction, as well as vertical or horizontal construction.

Besides being eco friendly flooring you will find that the cost of bamboo flooring is also very competitive which makes it an even more attractive investment for a home or office.