Distressed Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Distressed Bamboo Flooring for Instant Beauty

Bamboo is probably one of the most sourced raw materials there is, especially when it comes to flooring. Of course there are a number of very good reasons why bamboo has grown to be quite popular as a flooring material. Bamboo reaches full size in a year and mature bamboo and can be harvested after only 3 to 4 years as opposed to hardwoods which take 25 years or more.

Many questions are raised concerning bamboo in regard its hardness, and most of these questions relate to the fact that bamboo is not a hardwood but rather a grass. While bamboo is a grass, bamboo flooring material is made through an intricate manufacturing process that highly compresses bamboo stalks to create a highly dense material of great strength and hardness. In fact, on the Janka scale, some varieties of bamboo flooring have been known to have a hardness rating of higher than 1800 which even more than most hardwoods.

Bamboo achieves its popularity due to its sustainability as well as its appeal. Due to different grain structure, texture as well as color hue, bamboo can be matched to almost any home setting. One of the most popular texture designs is achieved with distressed bamboo flooring.

Though it may have an uncommon name, distressed bamboo flooring simply refers to hand scraped bamboo flooring. This type of bamboo flooring is often referred to as art on the floor and is made through intricate hand work done by artists working individually. The actual process involves each of the artists scraping individual bamboo planks by hand in order to achieve a certain texture. Overall, the texture of distressed bamboo flooring is usually described as being rustic.

A number of homeowners have described distressed bamboo flooring as having an old world handcrafted feel that fits very well with the modern home design. Interior designers are able to work with this type of bamboo flooring in a number of ways to give different and unique looks to the home they are decorating. Generally used for contemporary settings, distressed bamboo flooring is also ideal for vintage home settings.

Despite the additional vintage look, the price for distressed bamboo flooring is not as high as some may think. In fact, some stores sell them at quite a bargain rate. This is largely attributed to the high sustainability of bamboo. However, if one wants time-aged distressed bamboo flooring, there may be some additional cost.

Typical with all modern flooring materials, there are a number of installation methods available for use on distressed bamboo flooring. The most popular ones are the nailing and glue installation as well as the click or floating floor installation. The floating floor installation is preferred by many due to the cost-effectiveness of the option.