Commercial Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Commercial Bamboo Flooring

One of the fastest growing construction materials that is already drawing reviews in a very picky market is commercial bamboo flooring. Not that many years ago, our picture of bamboo was solely limited to the construction methods of indigenous tribes in some far-flung Third World country. Today, you can purchase bamboo flooring from your local hardware store or flooring company. And for those with little exposure to the latest in bamboo flooring construction, shock and awe is not a rare response to seeing bamboo tiles neatly stacked on Home Depot outlets for the first time.

Today’s incarnation of the bamboo flooring has been made possible by sophisticated manufacturing methods that have transformed the lowly bamboo to one of the most sought after flooring construction materials on the market. The secret is in being able to bring out the best properties of bamboo and at the same time make it accessible to the regular consumer.

Commercial bamboo flooring is commonly sold in “tile” form not different from the hardwood tiles you see on store shelves. Add to this bamboo flooring that has been transformed by various coloring innovations into virtually any color of your liking and you have a winner. If you plan to deck your new office space with that beautiful wood look, commercial bamboo flooring will give you that look at minimal cost.

This brings us to the many laudable characteristics of bamboo tiles that have made them the new darlings of the construction industry:

Durability - We’ve all seen the bamboo as a plant; tall, proud, and extremely pliant. Bamboo is able to resist damage by yielding without breaking. Commercial bamboo flooring carries the same attributes making it an extremely durable and reliable material for flooring construction.

Sustainable - Hardwood floors need wood that requires at least 20 years to plant, grow, cultivate, and harvest. Bamboo comes from the bamboo plant which can be grown and harvested in 5 year cycles. This makes the bamboo a very sustainable, not to mention a cheap construction material.

Price - Did we mention economical? Because bamboo can be readily grown at minimal expense, it is not as expensive as hardwood floors or marble tiles. For a material with properties rivaling hardwood and marble, commercial bamboo flooring is an extremely great bargain.

Combing the trifecta of cost, durability, and sustainability, there are plenty of reasons why homeowners and contractors should seriously entertain the use of commercial bamboo flooring to replace the old, antiquated, and extremely cumbersome hardwood floors. Bamboo not only delivers the same effect, performance, and appeal at much lower prices, but it also supports the idea of eco-friendly construction, with materials that are sustainable and practical.

Check out your nearest hardware or flooring store for commercial bamboo flooring options and use your better judgment to see that there is a lot to gain and nothing to lose by switching to the better, cheaper and more responsible material available. Choose commercial bamboo flooring; it will change your space for the better as well as change your perspective of responsible construction and material consumption.