Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has grown to become one of the most desired flooring options in the market. More and more home developers have begun to realize the economic and aesthetic value that bamboo has as a flooring option. This is largely attributed to the numerous benefits that bamboo has. One of the popular benefits of bamboo flooring is its economic value.

Bamboo is largely known as one of the most “green” options available when it comes to flooring options. This is especially true if one compares it to the popular hardwood flooring options available in the market e.g. teak, oak, etc. Bamboo forests mature within a few years whereas the hardwood forests take over 30 years to mature. Thus, bamboo flooring is more environmentally responsible than hardwood flooring.

One of the more widely known benefits of bamboo flooring is its ease of installation. Previously hardwood floor manufacturers used to use conventional methods such as stapling and the glue method to lay the bamboo floor. This would often require the services of a professional laborer to lay the floor on the property developer’s behalf. However, with the introduction of bamboo flooring, the manufacturers have now made it much easier to install the floor through the rather popular floating floor method. As this method requires laying the bamboo planks side by side, one does not require the services of any professional to lay the floor. Thus, bamboo flooring saves on labor costs used during the installation process.

The aesthetic feel and easy upkeep of the floor are other benefits of bamboo flooring. While most floors will require some form of upkeep, bamboo floors due to their durability and resiliency are able to withstand more scratches and dents thus, requiring minimum upkeep. Moreover, bamboo flooring requires to be less refinished than other popular hardwood floors.

Bamboo floors come in all grain sizes and color hues. All these add to the overall aesthetic feel that the floor gives to one’s property, be it residential or commercial. Moreover, the variety offered in terms of color hues and grin sizes mean that bamboo can be used to match any color. This helps add to the overall aesthetic feel of the property.

Last among the numerous benefits of bamboo flooring is its adaptability. While a number of other popular hardwood flooring options have to be prepared before laying them over the floor surface, the bamboo flooring option requires less preparation. This means that the bamboo floor can be laid over a much wider variety of floor textures without a lot of preparation being done on the said surface. Moreover, the bamboo floor is not as sensitive to temperature changes which enables it to be used in variety of different climates.

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