Bamboo Wood Floors

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Bamboo Wood Floors

Bamboo is slowly becoming a household name worldwide. Known and preferred for its eco-friendliness, the bamboo wood floor offers much more than just an eco-friendly alternative.

Bamboo floors are well known for their hardness. When comparing them against Red Oak, it was found that such floors are about 10% harder than Red Oak floors. However, the exact hardness of any bamboo wood floor will depend on the quality of the floor itself which is directly affected by the quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of the floor. Moreover, the hardness will also depend on the type of manufacturing process used to create the bamboo wood floor.

There are certain manufacturing processes which make bamboo floors softer. For instance, the carbonizing process slightlyt lowers the Janka rating of bamboo floors. The process is actually a heating process which results in the change in color of bamboo to amber. As a result of this process, the hardness rating of such Bamboo floors is lowered to 1400 from 1600. However, this is still a very high number.

Bamboo wood floors are a slightly cheaper alternative than most hardwood floors on the market today. There are a number of factors that determine the price of any bamboo wood floor. Interestingly, the same factors also affect the quality of bamboo flooring that you will get. These include the raw material used, the adhesive as well as the coating used on the bamboo floor.

Raw, mature bamboo is an essential requirement in the manufacture of quality bamboo. The bamboo needs to be properly harvested after which it undergoes a boiling and drying process that takes about 24 hours. The quality of raw material used will ultimately affect the price and the overall quality of the floor that you get. A number of manufacturers and bamboo wood floor experts advise to choose bamboo floors made from the Moso species.

Bamboo floors use a low VOC adhesive when bonding the bamboo planks to make high density floor boards. The type of floor adhesive will affect the price of the bamboo wood floor that you will get. When dealing with domestic adhesive brands, about 7% of the flooring cost can be saved. However, it is advised to go with well-known international brands such Dynea glue if you want great quality floors

Though it may not seem likely, the coating used on your bamboo wood floor will affect its price as well as its quality. Poor quality coating can result in numerous scratches and holes. While such coating may be economical on your budget, the maintenance costs to deal with the consequences will be far more than the initial cost you would have paid.

With just a few questions and a little research you can have a bamboo wood floor that is just as durable and beautiful as any hardwood. Better yet, it is more economical and saves our hardwoods.