Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Bamboo Laminate Flooring

Any homeowner or interior designer conscious with the cost aspect of any renovation or build should consider checking bamboo laminate flooring as an alternative material to floor construction. There are many aspects of bamboo that make it a suitable, if not better, alternative to conventional flooring materials and knowledge of these benefits can be all the difference that you need in order to save on cost without compromising the final result.

Take note of the follow advantages that are inherent to bamboo laminate flooring:

•The primary benefit of this type of material is that it has been proven to be a suitable replacement for more traditional hardwood flooring materials. Many contractors would back this claim as they have the most experience to prove the durability and reliability of bamboo laminate flooring.

The secret to the bamboo’s durability lies in the manufacturing process that transforms ordinary bamboo to flooring tiles. In many cases, the bamboo strands are fused with the application of heat and pressure. The fusing process retains the pliability and versatility of the material while giving it a hardened finish. In short, the bamboo floor will move with the forces exerted on it without breaking much like a bamboo tree moves with the wind and bends without breaking.

•The aesthetics of the bamboo flooring also gives it considerable advantages over other materials. We are used to seeing hardwood flooring come in shades of brown or black. Bamboo laminate flooring can be dyed into any color that you want and there are many catalogues that offer bamboo tiles from red to orange, gray, marble white, hardwood color any many others. You can even request some manufacturers to dye the material in your own proprietary company color if you plan to use it for corporate spaces.

•Amidst all these, bamboo laminate flooring enjoys some of the most affordable pricing out of the many flooring materials available. Per square footage of space, bamboo flooring can cost as low as $2; in contrast, hardwood flooring can set you back many times that for the same area.

•The trend for bamboo laminate flooring also supports the growing drive for eco-friendly construction. Bamboo plants are grown and are ready for harvest within 5 years. In contrast, hardwood flooring from oak or teak takes more than 20 years to replace. This sustainability of the bamboo supply will also ensure that the price continues to remain low even as the demand continues to rise.

•Last but certainly not least, installation of bamboo laminate flooring is one of the easiest in the industry. It is essentially a plug-and-play material; consequently, replacement of damaged materials, for whatever reason, is also easy.

If you want versatility, durability, affordability, aesthetics and convenience in your flooring material, bamboo laminate flooring is most definitely the material for you. Check to see if you are in need of a flooring makeover any time soon and use bamboo flooring to address the need. You can be confident that this will deliver!