Bamboo Flooring Versus Hardwood

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Bamboo Flooring Versus Hardwood

Before discussing bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring, what is the difference? Bamboo flooring is a type of flooring made from the bamboo plant. Even though this type of flooring is generally classified as a wood floor, the bamboo is in actual in fact a grass and not a tree. Hardwood flooring is flooring made from hardwood trees. Both these types of flooring are very popular for their number of attractive qualities. So what is it going to be, bamboo flooring versus hardwood?

Bamboo flooring is a relatively new type of flooring in the United States. However, this type of flooring has been in use for many years in Asia. It has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years particularly because it is marketed as an eco-friendly type of flooring. As bamboo is a grass, it is a renewable source because grass can be harvested from the same plant several times and in a much shorter period as it grows much faster than a tree does.

What is the cost of bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring? Bamboo flooring is typically more economical in price than hardwood flooring. This is for the most part because it is a renewable source. However, it is important to note that well aged bamboo can tend to be almost as expensive as some types of hardwood floors. This type of bamboo has been found to be harder than wood from the oak tree.

What is the cost of installing bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring? The cost of installation does not differ significantly. This is because the installation methods are the same. To save cost on bamboo installation, you can choose to do it yourself.

How durable is bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring? Both types of wood flooring are well liked for their durability. Their durability is derived from their hardness. Bamboo flooring comes in two main types, natural and carbonized. The carbonized bamboo flooring is softer than the natural flooring because of the processes it goes through. Carbonized bamboo is steamed under pressure to darken it and this compromises its hardness. Natural bamboo’s hardness also depends on the age of the bamboo plant it was harvested from. Very hard bamboo comes from a plant that is at least 7 years.

The hardness of bamboo is also dependent on the type of species it was harvested from. This is true because certain bamboo species are harder than others.

Is there wider variety in bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring? Bamboo flooring will come in dark colors (if the bamboo has been carbonized) or light blond colors. The flooring will have different color variations and this may be pleasing or displeasing depending on taste. As there are many different types of hardwoods, there are just as many different types of bamboo flooring coming in a wider range of colors.

So, when it comes to bamboo flooring versus hardwood flooring it seems bamboo wins out. It is just as beautiful, yet the cost of bamboo flooring is more economical. Of course the main big plus for bamboo is it is a very eco-friendly product that saves our hardwood trees which can take 25-35 years to mature.