Bamboo Flooring Cost

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Looking At Bamboo Flooring Cost

The laudable benefits of using bamboo flooring over traditional hardwood materials has been reiterated countless of times by satisfied contractors and home builders and more and more people are making the switch. A well polished and perfectly installed bamboo flooring can rival the sheen and luster of any hardwood floor, match its durability and ease of maintenance, but more importantly deliver lower bamboo flooring cost without sacrificing on quality.

While true hardwood materials remain to be the golden standard in home flooring construction, practical homeowners can now look to bamboo as a suitable flooring material that will complete and complement their homes without having to drill a hole in their wallet.

Before "hammering" home the benefit of bamboo flooring cost over traditional materials, perhaps it is only appropriate to rundown the many good qualities of bamboo flooring materials.

First, bamboo is just as reliable as other flooring materials. It is actually more resistant to water spills versus hardwood floors because the texture of the bamboo panels allow the material to breathe and dry faster whereas conventional hardwood flooring can actually rot from the inside out.

Bamboo is also an environmentally sound choice because it grows fast and is easily replaceable despite being used in considerable volumes. This is not the case with typical hardwood that requires at least 20 years to grow into mature trees that are ready for use as construction material. Because bamboo panels are easier to install than hardwood flooring, they are also easier to replace over the long-term and therefore cost less and require shorter disruptions into your normal daily routine.

Over and above this, bamboo flooring cost is what makes it a truly attractive construction option. The cheapest option for bamboo flooring apply to unpolished and unstained raw bamboo flooring panels which cost only $1.50 per square foot. Adding the incidental cost due to installation and the extra materials required to stain and polish the floors will bring the total bamboo flooring cost to $3 per square foot. This is comparable with finished bamboo flooring panels which retail for around $4.99 per square foot depending on the type of bamboo material used. Compared to the standard prices for "cheap" hardwood flooring which range from $7 to $10, bamboo flooring cost continues to be a superior choice.

If you are looking to do renovation work on your home or you're planning to build your dream house soon, considering using natural bamboo flooring instead of the pricy and difficult to maintain hardwood floors. Bamboo flooring will give your home the appearance of elegance and sophistication that is not possible with concrete and tile floorings without incurring exorbitant costs as when using hardwood floors.

Bamboo flooring cost will not only save you money but will also give your home the look that it truly deserves. Plan for bamboo flooring today and enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly material that is guaranteed to last for a long time to come.