Bamboo Flooring Colors

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Bamboo Flooring Colors

Bamboo flooring colors present one of the most important benefits of alternative flooring materials. It is hard to imagine traditional flooring materials to come in colors other than the ones that we have grown accustomed to. For example, wooden flooring has always been stained to an almost darkish brown shade while marble will always be white. Interestingly enough, bamboo flooring colors break this dichotomy by introducing bamboo as an alternative flooring material that can be stained into virtually any color as desired by the home owner.

Consider; today, many bamboo flooring manufacturers offer bamboo in a variety of colors that provide perfect complement to any indoor space. It’s not hard to find bamboo flooring in any shade. In fact, some manufacturers go to great lengths to catalogue their offered color schemes because of the sheer variety of bamboo flooring colors available.

The best color coding schemes we have seen thus far breaks out the bamboo flooring palette into 6 different categories namely vivids, pastels, neutrals, dark and rich, desert sands, and warm woods. Within each of those color categories are color schemes that can bring life to any interior design concept.

Without enumerating all of the available color options, one can easily find shades of red, blue, green brown, gray, black, white and orange. The various shades and intensities are then subdivided into their natural classification categories forming a catalogue that is just as impressive as the manufacturing process that brought us bamboo flooring materials.

On top of this, many companies actually offer to help clients develop a specific color that they want in case they do not find something that they need on the color catalogue. The most common customers for this type of venture are companies with a patented color scheme and would want to reflect that color on their flooring. The best bamboo flooring companies would not shy away from the challenge of developing a special line exclusive for one client alone. Such is the advancement of bamboo flooring colors that, quite frankly, it has moved beyond what traditional flooring materials can deliver.

As an added innovation, bamboo flooring colors also embrace eco-friendly concepts when it comes to color quality. These flooring tiles have very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content which is considered an organic pollutant. This is great for household applications as it eliminates the risk of kids playing and coming into contact with potentially hazardous and potentially toxic compounds.

Overall, there is plenty to love about what bamboo flooring colors bring to the table. Not only is it becoming an excellent material for eco-friendly reasons, its cost is also considered a major plus. On top of that, the shades bamboo flooring colors give unrivaled options for home and business owners to pick interior designs that match their preferences and goals. It empowers customers to decide based on what they want without being limited by what is available. Such is the appeal of bamboo flooring that it is not difficult to envision it becoming the flooring material of choice in the future.

Of course it must be mentioned that bamboo flooring colors is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its benefits. Bamboo is also just as durable as hardwood floors, cost less than hardwood floors and is a product anyone interested in saving the environment will love. Bamboo can be cut in three to four years and will grow back to be cut again. Hardwood takes 25 to 30 years to cut and when you do it is nothing left but a tree stump. Bamboo flooring saves trees.