Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Bamboo Flooring - 2013

Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Any discussion of bamboo flooring benefits begins with the recognition that bamboo flooring is an excellent substitute for hardwood flooring because of its aesthetic value. Too many times in recent years have people found themselves being caught off-guard by a really stunning floor design only to find out later that it is made of bamboo and not hardwood. In fact, more and more homeowners and designers have made the switch to bamboo flooring not only because of its pleasing aesthetic qualities, but also because of the many other benefits that it offers.

Some of these benefits include:

1. Extreme affordability. For a material that is just as impressive as hardwood flooring, many are surprised to know that bamboo flooring costs just a fraction of the material it is replacing. The cheapest hardwood flooring materials that you will find on the market sell for $5 per tile and higher; in contrast, bamboo flooring tiles can be as cheap as $3.5 per tile. That alone is more than enough reason for homeowners to contemplate replacing their old hardwood floors or designing new homes with bamboo flooring.

2. Durability. While bamboo is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring, it does not come across as a low quality material. On the contrary, bamboo is extremely durable. It’s pliant qualities make it adapt to most situations allowing it to last longer. Bamboo flooring can last for many years without any significant damage and in the process easily justifying its cost.

3. Sustainability. The secret to the bamboo’s affordability is in the fact that it is sustainable versus hardwood flooring. One can grow bamboo and harvest it after a period of 5 years. In contrast, hardwood flooring requires around 20 years before it can be used as raw material for hardwood flooring. This makes bamboo an extremely attractive material from a “green construction” perspective and a favorite among many who are against the idea of cutting trees to help the environment.

4. Low maintenance. Owing to its durability, bamboo flooring requires little maintenance versus hardwood floors. One can install and leave bamboo tiles on with little worry. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, require constant polishing to bring out its luster. Hardwood floors are also just as susceptible to water damage and will have to be immediately dried lest it will rot and weaken.

5. Versatility. Of the many bamboo flooring benefits, nothing tops its versatility. In particular, it is very easy to get bamboo flooring tiles customized to a color or design that you like. If you plan to use it for a corporate space, you can use your patented corporate color on the bamboo tiles giving it personality and endowing it with edge and appeal that is beyond the reach of hardwood floors.

The many bamboo flooring benefits make it a favorite among designers and homeowners. There is no doubt that the bamboo is staking its dominance as an excellent construction material. No longer considered “the alternative”, bamboo is now front and center in many construction plans and interior spaces, thanks to its countless positive attributes and many benefits. Check it out and see if it is the answer to your many design questions. No doubt, you’ll find bamboo flooring to be more than a serviceable answer to your many concerns.